Sunday, March 9, 2014

ESO - review pt 4: Aldmeri Dominion visuals

What does it look like

Green. I suppose it was nice, but the quests were so boring that I just wanted to be out of this area. I was not amazed by anything, it was just an overall feeling of casual prettiness. It seems that I missed a pretty cave, and also an apparition of Hermaeus Mora in the wilderness, because, you know, he's known to do that often I guess?
Pretty screenshots courtesy of Felrokker.

I must tell that I have a lot of expectations when it comes to Summerset Isles, and they were not met. The area is closer to what Cyrodiil looked like in Oblivion, it's just epic fail, epic lack of creativity, it's Bad And Therefore Wrong. And why are there Ayleid ruins? So far as I know, the Heartland Elves never came there. High visual quality doesn't make it any better. And the weather was pretty much shit all the time, tell me a heavenly place! Sure, there's a Daedric anchor (which no one seems to care about so far) and storm-wielding Maormer (I don't get the logic of that), but it would have been much better without those boring plot devices.
Can you find the intruder?

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