Sunday, March 9, 2014

ESO - review pt 5: Ebonheart Pact visuals

What does it look like

It has sorts of barrows, it has lots of snow, Nordic architecture, and it still doesn't feel like Skyrim.

Ok, in high res it has some very cool effects I must say. I'm not sure at all about the clusterfuck of Bitter Coast mushrooms and Molag Amur mountains on West Gash background, it feels a bit as if the devs tried to compress Vvardenfell into a mini version of it. Still I understand that if they hadn't put mushrooms, lava, etc, they might have been smothered for not including them.
I'm not sure about the architecture that makes me think of the naughty offspring of Hlaalu/Daedric styles without feeling very Dunmeri to me. It's hard to reach the ankle of designers like MK.
Screenshots courtesy of Felrokker.

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