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ESO - review pt 8: How lore-friendly is it?

How lore-friendly is it?
Well, very little, very basic, and without any sign of actual cleverness and understanding of lore, with the depth a TES game requires.
Here are a few facts:

  • The magic has nothing in common with Tamriel magic, and that everybody can do it --in a time when magic was something obscure, mastered by lonely wizards, Psijiics and witches mostly. Vanus Galerion created the Mages Guild circa 2E230 but it was only made truly official in 2E321 by the Guild Act. Even after +250 years, I doubt that suddenly all of Tamriel would grow skills in magic, especially skills that have NOTHING in common with the SCHOOLS of magic. Plain ridiculous.
  • Why in Oblivion would Mannimarco serve Molag Bal? He's a fricking ex-Psijic Altmer aiming to become a god. If he were to have any deal with a Daedra, he would be using it, not serving it. But why would he even deal with a Daedra? He's a Necromancer versed in lichcraft, and he doesn't need to ally himself to anyone to get the bodies or souls he might ever need.
  • The very idea of Molag Bal trying to pull Nirn into Coldharbour is just gross. Nirn is what keeps Aedra and Daedra away from boredom, if one kid in the playground claims the only toy as his own, don't you think the others will be angry, and, for some *cough* Dagon *cough* beat the shit out of him? What's even the point in doing this?
  • There's a Maormer necromancer who is vulnerable to water (Maormer are totally not known for riding sea snakes) and sealed in a temple in Elsweyr. Why? We don't know. But there's also an Orc warlord resting in an Ayleid ruin, so go figure... Peace and love, whatever.
  • Bosmer recipes include plants. Very traditional for religiously carnivorous folk. I know the Green Pact only applies to Valenwood, but, please, an effort.
  • As I said, the designs of places such as Coldharbour and Summerset Isle are screwed.
  • Did I say Bosmer can have horns? I need to say it again.
  • Argonians are not immune to poison, and seem to have a strange worship of Sithis. Probably a confusion with Shadowscales.
  • The whole concept of Ayrenn is ridiculous of course: an adventurous Altmer queen traveling all over Tamriel and being such a friendly Mary-Sue. Well, if you like her, you'll be pleased to know you can meet her as soon as you set foot in Firsthold. She's very unprofessionally scolding one of her men in public, but Ayrenn goes wherever she wants and does whatever she wants, right? If you don't like her, sorry, you can't beat her right away.
  • Not exactly lore-breaking, but cute: there are tigers in Elsweyr. Not Senche-Tigers. Just normal tigers. I think they are supposed to be Senches, but artists forgot how big and tall they are supposed to be then. Let's say they are kittens.
  • For some weird reason, most books I found were about the Dwemer. And it wasn't stuff like Marobar Sul's Ancient Tales of the Dwemer, no, it was scholar stuff like Hanging Gardens of The Ruins of Kemel-Ze. Who would read that in the middle of a tri-faction war? Very strange.
Not to talk about the grudge between Dunmer and Nords, the fact that Argonians should be enslaved by Dunmer and certainly not considered any sort of equals, that Khajiit and Bosmer always hated each other, and Breton and Orcs didn't get along good either (remember that in Daggerfall, Orcs were considered to be mere pests like any gob). Those alliances are doomed from the start, I say. Some comments and texts are included ingame to show that some citizens are not very happy with them, but it's just cute.

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