Sunday, March 9, 2014

ESO - review pt 9: Conclusion

To me, ESO is a made suited for pre-teens. It's rather pretty, colorful, very straight-forward, and doesn't contain anything a 10-year old couldn't understand. Just follow the quest arrows and beat the things standing on your way, and you're pretty much done with it. The only word I can use to describe this game in a positive manner is "cute". They tried. They tried hard. But they didn't make it.

What are the best features imo?
Todd Howard told in a speech that Skyrim had been designed not in matter of features, but in matter of experience. It's hard to say the same for ESO, and in fact, I don't even know what were the guidelines of the developers aside from making confused compromises. So I would say the best features are:
  • Food and beverages are actually useful, with interesting effects (much more than in Skyrim)
  • You can have a Clannfear familiar if you're a Sorcerer, which makes it the best class
  • There is a Dwemer and an Ayleid ruin in the Daggerfall Covenant area (which is the prettiest and best rendered)
  • There are bards singing songs in some cities, it was an ambient sound, no lip synch or what, but the songs were rather nice.
  • You can use emotes to dance and play music (but sadly each instrument has a different melody so you can't be a band with other people)
You can be rightfully alarmed that I'm mostly excited over the food crafting system. But if there was only one thing to keep, I would keep on this. And the emotes.

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