Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1.4 Changelog

This is a complete changelog for the 1.4 beta update to Way of the Monk. If more changes are made in the release edition of 1.4, then they will be added to this list.

You can download the beta version of 1.4 here.


+ Evasion and Escape enchantments can now be put onto other robes
+ Fixed requirements of the Rapid Fists 2 perk and the Rending Strikes 2 perk
+ Added a Perk Requirements book that tells you the requirements for every perk. It has been added to the table at the Pillars of the Way.
+ Changed Soft Resistance to apply to all weapons
+ Created two more levels of the Unarmored Stance perk and changed its requirements
+ The Whirlwind effect now only works on the Unarmed weapon
+ Created the Unimpeded Combat perk, with three levels, that increases your attack speed when you are unarmored
+ Created the Endurance perk that increases your health regen in combat
+ Created the Vitality perks, which lets you choose the Stamina or Magicka attribute. Which ever one you choose will have its regen fortified in combat.
+ Created the Silent Movement perk that reduces your movement noise by 50% when you are unarmored
+ Created the Padded Movement perks that make you harder to detect when sneaking and unarmored
+ Created the Chokehold perks that increases your sneak-attack damage with the Unarmed weapon and with the Monk weapons
+ Created the Knockout Punch perk that allow you to knock out your enemies when sneaking, undetected, and using the Unarmed weapon
+ Created the Martial Master perk that reflects 10% of damage when you are unarmored
+ Split the Unarmored perk category into two subcategories: Defense and Combat. The perks have also been re-organized.
+ Changed the menus and functions of the Progress, Choice, and Rewalking Pillars to reflect changes

Final 1.4 update (after beta):
+ Created a chest to contain the books and items at the Pillars of the Way
+ Added a Hooded Robes of the Way at the Pillars of the Way for those who are playing at high difficulties
+ Update the Choice power with the menu changes
+ Update the Progress power with the menu changes
+ Corrected Unarmored Stance description
+ Fixed the misdirecting buttons in the Progress menu
+ Slightly increased base damage of Orcish claws for balancing
+ Slightly increased base damage of Daedric claws for balancing
+ Slightly decreased base damage of Elven Glaive for balancing