Extended Books Mod v2 - dev track

What is EBMv2?
EBMv2 is a quality immersion mod for Skyrim for all the players who love to read and collect books. The main features of this mod are:

  • +130 books from Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion brought back into Skyrim
  • +50 lore-friendly original books
  • unique book covers for all those books
  • a library hosting all the non-unique books, sorted by themes
  • a bookshop with a merchant from whom books can be purchased
  • new quests

Who's working on it?

  • Isaac Fosty - Director, Quest Designer, Texture Artist, CK modder
  • DanTR - Texture Artist
  • CrypticOcean - Proofreader
  • Tim Morgan - Voice Actor

Can I help?
We're always looking for:

  • Artists, for book covers or illustrations
  • Proofreaders, for the original books
  • Voice actors, for NPCs
  • Writers, for lorefriendly books

When is the release date?
There is no precise date at the moment but hopefully the mod might be released somewhere around September 2013.

What has been done so far?

  • 26/07/2013
    completed Level building: Shop, Library, Exteriors, Doors
    created NPC (merchant)
    creation of bookshelves activators in progress (90/135)
    created first quest starting dialogs and scenes
    added 39 books (with bookcovers)
  • 28/07/2013
    completed bookshelves activators (135/135)
    figuring out the creation of a gamble game through dialog

Keep tuned for more information, screenshots, etc.

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