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Here's the little list of the people you can contact, how and for which purpose. Remind to be nice and don't worry if you don't get a reply in the instant, we're probably just alive! =)
Skills: Creative direction, Chara design, Writing/Plot design, Concept art, 3D modeling
Working on:

  • EBM/SP as co-director, writer and illustrator
  • Unarmed Warfare as concept artist

Find him on: TES Nexus, BethSoft forums, deviantART, blogger, Wordpress, Google+
Comment: I'm nice and willing to help whenever I can but I can be very busy!

Skills: Scripting, Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Figuring Stuff Out (ain't that techincal...)
Working on:

  • Way of the Monk as sole designer and creator
  • An unnanounced project soon to be announced (shhh!)
Find him on: TES NexusSkyrimForums.orgGoogle+, Steam Workshop

Comment: I'll be glad to help you out, and will reply to private messages as soon as I can! Keep in mind that I get a lot of comments/messages about my mods from six different websites and by e-mail, so it might take me a while to get back to you. Feel free to remind me of your message if I don't respond after a week.

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  1. Woverdude,

    I've encountered a bug in the way of the monk in skyrim. The unarmored skill continues to increase, so that's good. However the perks are faulty. current unarmored skill is 55, progress 19%. I got the unarmored combat perk unarmored stance to level 2, but even with the prerequisites fulfilled and exceeded, I cannot get the unencumbered perk.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you for your time. I love thhe mod.