Wednesday, July 3, 2013

EBMv2 - Lore books listing

For better organization I have listed (what I think are) all the titles of TES books I should be adding in EBMv2. This way we can create all the covers more efficiently. I classifed the books in categories so I could divide the whole into some handful of books and progress step by step, with a lot of testing in between to make sure all the books display nicely ingame. Also, some books should share similar templates to look like part of a same collection by a same publisher (ie: Tribunal Temple) so I sort these ones together as well.

The list of books is found here, it can be viewed by anyone but only those willing to lend a hand in creating textures will be able to edit it. If you wish to help, show me a sample of what you can do (illustration, texturing...) and provide me with a valid email so I give you editing rights =)

A tutorial about book creation can be found here as well. Though I don't require that helpers create the books from A to Z, only textures, or illustrations if they feel up to it.

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