Sunday, March 18, 2012

TES Online, first MMO by Bethesda

The website Games Industy announces in this article that an anymous leak confirms the development of The Elder Scrolls Online, that should be Bethesda's first MMO. Many of us wanted it, Bethesda takes on the opportunity. Further details and an official annoucement should be made during the next E3.

The game should take place 1000 years prior to Skyrim which would mean around 2E531. But then don't expect Akaviri potentates, Versidue-Shaie is long dead and Savirien-Chorak was murdered as well during the previous century. But we can still hope to see some Akaviri somewhere (though I wouldn't count on it too much for the first release, if I was them I'd keep it as an expansion when the excitement goes a little down).
Here's a little time line from the UESP:

2E 412 — Earliest mention of the name of the Dark Brotherhood
  • This reference was found in the journals of the Blood Queen Arlimahera of Hegathe. "...with the help of the Night Mother and her Dark Brotherhood, the secret arsenal my family has employed since my grandfather's time." It can be surmised that the Dark Brotherhood was already well organized in 2E 360 if her grandfather truly used them.[7]
2E 431 — Potentate Savirien-Chorak dies.
  • Savirien-Chorak and all of his heirs were murdered by the Morag Tong, ending the years of the Akaviri Potentate and the Second Empire of Cyrodiil. Some historians date this event in 2E 430.[7]
2E 432 — Orsinium loses its territory status.
  • One year after the death of Emperor Potentate Savirien-Chorak, Orsinium loses the status of an Imperial territory.[9]

[edit]Sixth Century

2E 560 — The Knahaten Flu
  • A strain of the Knahaten Flu hits the southern provinces of Tamriel causing many deaths. The Argonians were strangely immune to the flu which has led some to believe they were responsible for it in some way. The flu continued until around 2E 603.[9]
2E 563 — Voyage of the Crimson Ship.
  • A vessel filled with Kothringi tribesmen fleeing from the Knahaten Flu leaves Black Marsh on 9 First Seed. After spending over a year being turned away from port after port, it sets sail to the west and is never seen again.[3]
2E 572 — The Akaviri invaders of Morrowind were defeated.
  • The Akaviri invaders were killed when the land mysteriously became flooded. Despite the extensive flooding, almost no Dunmer people were injured or killed. Legend has it that the god Vivec taught the Dunmeri to breathe water and flooded the island.[10]

As you can see we can still expect some fun.

Tom's Guide also reveals that: "Elder Scrolls Online will have three playable factions, according to the tipster. Not much is known about the factions, except each is represented by one of three animals: A lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey (either a phoenix or an eagle, we aren’t sure)." - March 15, 2012
I still have to check after mentions of lion and bird of prey as emblem of some factions.

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