Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poll: What Feature Do You Want?

If you've been following the comments on the Skyrim Nexus page for Way of the Monk, then you probably read me talking about a poll for new features. The gist of that discussion is this: Because I only have a limited amount of time to focus on modding, and because I want to please as many of my players as possible, I have been gathering a list of requested features to be added to the next version. Feel free to continue suggesting additions. Each of you get 3 votes for what you want to see in the next version. You can spend all of those votes on one feature, or spread them out. Post below in the comments with your 3 votes, along with any areas that you want me to work on (they will be added to the list).

  • Chi system (needs a minimum of 20 votes) [4 votes]
  • Improved aesthetics
  • More perks [3 votes]
  • More enchantments
  • Perk transparency/improvement (making it easier for you to know the requirements) [2 votes]
  • Improve unarmed stealth combat [3 votes]
  • Food/alchemicy buffs for unarmed combat
  • More armor (only I only have spellweaver armor approved so far)
The five features with the most votes will be added to the next version of the mod, as long a they have a minimum of 2 votes each. Feel free to suggest more!

Suggestions can include having specific mods incorporated into this one, but you MUST have gained permission from the mod author beforehand. I won't add a mod unless I have permission from the author.


  1. More perks, Perk Transparency, and Chi please.

  2. I want to make a new suggestion here. I think monks should be able to attack faster when fighting hand to hand and also, with open palms not fists(fists are ok too actually). So, new animation is needed. Also, I would be so great to have a keyboard button for "Special Move" that automatically triggers "The way of the hundred fists" of Diablo 3 or any other multi-hit-animation move like this SEE 0:23 to 0:27
    If these features are included, then this mod would be the most popular gameplay mod ever.

    1. Unfortunately I cannot add new animations unless somebody else creates them. I have utterly no idea how to create new animations. However, if you know of another animation mod that you want to work with mine, I can try to make them compatible.

  3. I'll vote 2 for Chi System and 1 for more perks

  4. 3 for unarmed stealth

  5. Stealth- would like a better unarmed stealth combat system in general. preferably with necksnaps and stuff. so when you are really high in sneak and unarmed and have an associated perk upgraded you can get insta-kills.

    Chi system- maybe with a nirvana thing too? perhaps as chi goes up you can go into "focus" and slow time?

    kicks- Maybe you could add in some kind of kicks? Unarmed combat when it comes to martial arts almost always has kicks. Flying kicks, power kicks, drop kicks, flip kicks, roundhouse kicks... Stuff like that.

  6. Chi system
    More perks
    Perk transparency/improvement

    Thanks for this great mod!

  7. More transparent perks, improved stealth combat, faster fists

  8. Alrighty, y'all, voting is closed. The votes are in and I will begin work on the next version. The features that I will be working on are:

    * More perks
    * Perk transparancy/improvement
    * Improved unarmed stealth combat

    * I will also look into putting together an animation bundle that adds more unarmed animations

    I will now be getting to work on improving/adding those systems. I will try to get a bunch of work done today, but it could be a few days or a week or so before I finish. Thank you all for your patience and your playing of my mod. :-)

  9. I'll vote for the Chi system and perk transparency (really do need clarity here)

  10. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  11. I'll vote for the Chi system

  12. I vote all my points into chi. It looks like a very good system, and is a major element of fantasy martial arts.