Friday, June 1, 2012

Savegame bloat is gone!

Preliminary tests show that the save bloat has been eliminated! Testing results below:

I was trying a playthrough of my mod with Mojarq the kitty a while back. I compared the times and file sizes of that save with a new test character.

Mojarq the Kitty:

Save 1 - Time: 00.42.50 Filesize: 4209 KB
Save 2 - Time: 01.00.34 Filesize: 4847 KB

Test character:

Save 1 - Time: 00.37.37 Filesize: 3165 KB
Save 2 - Time: 01.03.57 Filesize: 3347 KB

I will continue to test it, but it looks like the problem has been eradicated. Or, at least, hugely reduced. Huzzah! :-D

If test results hold steady, then this fix will be included in the next update along with many other improvements.


  1. Hello, first of all thanks for that mod, I created a new character for the occasion and played around 25h already with it... it's really fun (started with version 1.1)

    My only problem is after 20-25h of game, my character's savegames are about 50Mb, which takes a while to save and seriously impairs the game (other character are at ~10Mb and more advanced)

    Is there a way to "clean" existing savegames to reduce the size? I don't want to raise the monk's skills anymore, just keep them in use (I already disabled both skills on the pillars of rewalking)

    Anyway, thanks for the mod!

    1. I'm not sure that there is a specific way to clean existing savegames, but I did notice that my savegame file debloated some when I loaded it with the new version. You might try letting it run a little while without doing anything, save it, and check the filesize. That might decrease it a bit. If not, you can try installing the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

  2. What mod is this referring to?

  3. Yeah what did you do? My savegame is over 70mb. and unplayable (CTD). So, any informations would be useful.

    1. I made some scripts to scale the Unarmed damage as you raised your Unarmed level. However, that was quite a while ago. If your game is bloating with the current version, then it is not my mod causing it or it is a conflict with another mod.