Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Break Modding Project

I'm thinking about working on a Skyrim modding project over winter break. Unlike my previous projects, this one would involve storytelling and quests rather than gameplay recoding. Are there any of y'all that would be interested in working with me for a few weeks between semesters to create an interesting and unique modification to Skyrim? I am looking for people with any of the following skills:

Story/quest writing
Character design
Level design
Voice Acting
Fictional worldbuilding
Game testing

The concept for the project has already been developed some, but I would like input while developing the rest of it and help with creating the actual mod. For those of you who have played Skyrim but do not have a PC copy, I may consider PAYING to get you a copy of the game for your PC.

Obviously, you will need to have a PC capable of running the game if you are going to work on the coding, modeling, or level design. You would also need to be willing to work with me and any others on the team, as well as be able to devote some time each week during the break to the project.

If you are interested, then please message me and I can give you more details on the project. I can guarantee that you will find plenty of interesting work if you do join. :-)

Once the project is complete then it would be released for free online for players to download. A donation link would be available for fans, and any donations would be split with you.

If you are interested in my previous modding work, you can check out the following pages:

Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/users/1266423
Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008458024/myworkshopfiles
Modding Blog: http://tesmods.blogspot.com/

My mods have been downloaded over 40,000 people and viewed by likely 300,000.


  1. Hey, chanced upon this blog through the Nexus. I'm an amateur voice actor, who has voiced for some projects before. I'm already in a bit part for the "Wyrmstooth" mod. Anyway, I saw here that you would like some voice acting done. Here is a link to my website, which contains examples of some of my work as well as my demo tape.

    Let me know what you think :) http://tmmrgn.wix.com/timmorganva

    1. You can make all those different voices? Damn that's incredible man! I'd love to hear how you'd voice a Khajiit bookseller ...interested curiosity^^

    2. Sure :) If you have some kind of script or something, or something you would like read, feel free to ask. More than happy to help :D

    3. I happen to have a scritpt, here, it's not the longest thing, not the shortest either, but if you want to give a try I'd love to hear. You don't have to do it all of course =]
      I would very much love to include this character in the next version of EBM.

    4. Howdy, Tim. Woverdude here.

      Sure, I'd love to have you on the team! Right now Isaac and I are working on designing the background of the mod. In a couple days I am going to send out an e-mail to all of those interested with specifics on the project and how they can help. Can you e-mail me at galaxyhawk11@gmail.com so that I can have your address?