Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EBM.2 WIP: Level Building and Voice Acting

I finished the listing and sorting of the books and so it's now time to get back in touch with level design and level building. It should be more pleasant and I hope to advance quite quickly during my available free time.
Yesterday I also did some tests to learn the basics of quest and dialogue design and managed to implement a speaking NPC ingame – see below for the details! =]

  1. Listing and sorting all the books in categories and sub-categories
    -> Done
  2. Planning the spatial organization of the library
    -> WIP
  3. Building and testing the library cells
  4. Adding, placing and compiling all the new books
  5. Test, fixing, test, fixing...
  6. Release
I've started to build the level, Nordic style this time. I'm already getting familiar with the nomenclature after a few hours of work. Here's a screenshot of the current status of level building. It shouldn't be expanded a lot more than this normally, I don't want the place to be too huge since there will be all the navmeshing to do...

Update: now the level building is complete. I admit I expanded a little more than I originally thought I would but whatever, at least there's place for tones of books. So I'm now in the process of placing furniture and decorations.

Actor with voice
Creating dialogs and actors with voice files turned out to be quite simple, if you wish to try I suggest you to jump to this page created by Shawn, it contains all the informations and links you will need to success in your implementation. Below is a short recording of my test. It went nicely so far though you might notice the overlay skin texture of Jobasha's head has gone missing. It's something I still have to understand and fix.
Jobasha's voice actor is Tim Morgan and I must say he did an impressive first take!


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    1. Looks intriguing since the site is still under construction but interesting enough if it works (but very deplorable to see it's done by MMO players who have no TES lore knowledge and don't even try to blend in).

      In return don't hesitate to follow us for next updates concerning our new big project of stand alone Skyrim mod. It'll take the player on a journey through the realms of Oblivion, in the skin of a Dremora. Very lore-friendly for a total immersion.