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ExtendedBooks Mod 01

ExtendedBooks Mod

EBM aims to both enhance the graphics of some of the ingame books with a texturing work to create more variations in the books, and to add more new books in the game.

This project will be communautary, gathering books created by several writers in way to get more books at once in a single mod. You can see below how you can contribute.

What we're looking for
  • Writers. Good ones, see requirements below.
  • Texturers. No 2048^2 maps will be allowed! You should be able to do something awesome with a 512^2 =D
  • Think you can help in another way? Make your proposition! =)

Book submission guidelines
  • The book has to be original. No rip off will be tolerated. If you cannot write by yourself this place isn't for you.
  • The book must be submited as a simple RTF file containing the whole text.
  • The text should be formated very simply. First the title, then name of the author, then the content. Just like the ingame books. Just mind skiping a line or two between paragraphs if you're not at ease with script tags (see below).
  • Sign the book not by your irl name or Internet pseudo. Sign it with the name of your Tamrielian alter ego. Of course the name shall be appropriate, such as "Sothis Andas" for a Dunmer.
  • Pay a great attention to apostrophs and brackets, it may sound stupid but the font used ingame is very strict on characters. Thus your apostrophs and brackets should be the default ones you get with US/UK qwerty 
  • keyboards. In fact avoid any special character in general and anything generated by alt-codes, no thin spaces or such formating.
  • ['] and not [] (the second one has a slight curve)
  • [" "] and not [“ ”] (the second ones are slightly curved as well)
  • [...] and not [] (the second one is only one character composed with the alt+0133 code in spite of 3 dots)
  • Choose a model for your book among these if you don't have a personal texture: 

Script formating

<p align="center">
Another Book of Daedra
or "Through the Eyes of Oblivion"
by Sothis Andas
<p align="left">
You probably already know the wondrous Book of Daedra describing the spheres of the Daedra princes and maybe you think this present book is a rip off.
Not exactly I would say. This book is also about the Daedra princes and their spheres but the focus is more on the "why" than on the "who and what".
<p align="left">
As a Dunmer grown up in Vvardenfell the Daedra were always part of my life. I grew a fascination for them quickly, with a special appreciation for clannfears in my
very childhood. At that time I would spend a lot of time day-dreaming about the Daedra, letting my mind wander in Oblivion and conjuring lesser creatures before I knew it.
<img src='img://Textures/Interface/Books/Illuminated_Letters/A_letter.png'>zura,
the prince of dusk and dawn.
<p align="left">
Azura is often considered as a rather good Daedra, or not completely evil Daedra, by many even out of Dunmer people and people easily believe she is actually good.
Of course that is wrong, Daedra have no interest in mortals, only in themselves, they only have interest in how mortals can serve their survival. But Azura is quite special.
She may come to really appreciate mortals but then becomes very possessive and the loss of a mortal may lead to dread consequences. Like when Nerevar died and she
cursed the whole Chimer people who became the Dunmer.

[pagebreak] is obviously a page break. It should stand on an empty line, you can't put it at the end or beginning of a paragraph.
<p align="center"> centers your text. the "left" version aligns it on the left. As you see it isn't necessary to close the tag with a </p> but you can do it if you want.
NOTE that it changes the paragraph! Paragraphs are seperated by the equivalent of skipping 3 lines. Just so you know.
<img src='img://Textures/Interface/Books/Illuminated_Letters/A_letter.png'> inserts an illuminated letter's picture. You can replace the A in A_letter.png by any other letter to get the one you want.
<font face='$HandwrittenFont'></font> changes the font (in handwritten font here). by default the font used is the one seen in the books so you should use this tag only if you want to switch to another font. The available fonts and their tags can be seen on the wiki (plus they've just added pictures of what the fonts look like and all the available characters).
more tags can be found here, on the CK wiki

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