Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting up

Hello folks!

This blog will host the development tracks of several Skyrim mods in way to show you the advancement of the mods we'll be working on and share with you the troubles we met, the solutions we found, hints and tricks to ease everybody's modding experience as much as we can and make Skryim even more awesome! =)

What we expect
Coming up with great mods running smoothly of course, but also to meet new people, share contacts to help modders to team up... Help each other to grow better and stronger together.

How to contribute
You can contribute at anytime if you wish so! If you think you can be of any help, if you have ideas or even if you just want to encourage us, do not hesitate to send a message here or on the Nexus, dA, wherever you can find us... You can also ask for some help this way as well of course. As long as you're nice we'll considerate your words and answer as best as possible. Just remember that we may not have all the answers of course and we can be a little busy as well sometimes as we still have lives.

Don't hesitate to follow this blog to keep tuned!


  1. It's an amazing blog! However, are you going to open something like this for other games? I would suggest warrior of sunlight or alien blaster - think about it, you would get a lot of fans I think!

    1. Thank you! We haven't been active for some time however, and I must admit I am extremely restricted in my interests – which are currently TES, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and my own webcomic series, Singmire Haze and Consuming Darkness. Those two projects require pretty much all of my time in drawing and writing.