Tuesday, February 28, 2012

News Update: 2-28-12

News Update:

Skyrim Books: The project has been planned and organized. There will be two main parts of the mod called Extended Book Mod and Skyrim Publishing, as well as two optional sub-parts. EBM will primarily be managed by nox.fox, while Skyrim Publishing will primarily be managed by Woverdude.
  • The Extended Books Mod will extend the amount of stories, poems, background data, and lore within the game by adding original books. 
  1. Readable Spell tomes is an optional add-on to EBM that will make Spell Tomes readable and add actual information to them
  • Skyrim Publishing will function as a magazine, accepting fanfic submissions to be added to the game on a regular basis. 
  1. Skyrim Publishing Bookstore will add a bookstore to the game world that will contain the latest and previous issues of Skyrim Publishing. It will also feature a unique character with an interesting background and (hopefully) original voice acting.
Better Books will also be available for download, but as a separate mod. It will add new and improved textures to books within the game.


  • The Readable Spell Tomes script has been made and is available for download at the Nexus as a modder's resource. As a part of Skyrim Books, information will be added to the Spell Tomes that players can read ingame when they learn the spell.
  • A number of original books have been collected for EBM, and several submissions for SP have been received.
  • Woverdude has begun building the level for the Skyrim Publishing Bookstore.

Unarmed Warfare IS still in progress, but is a bit delayed. I reached the end of my familiarity with the Elder Scrolls system during my work on Unarmed Warfare, and even delved far deeper into the code of the construction set than I ever have before. Even then, though, there were so many features that an unarmed mod needs that are either impossible to do, I do not know how to do, or the CK is too buggy to do. I will pick the work back up at some point, but it will probably be a while. I am also much busier now than I was when I began Unarmed Warfare. The work on Skyrim Books meets my time constraints and experience far more than my coding and modding for UW.

When I DO manage to pick it back up, however, expect some brand-new features, such as new fist weapons, along with original models.

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