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Skyrim Publishing

Skyrim Publishing


Skyrim Publishing is an e-zine that is published within the world of Bethesda's game Skyrim. Submissions are sent in and reviewed just as they are in any other magazine, but rather than being published online or on paper, they are put into the world of Skyrim for players to read, buy, find, and collect. Along with the Extended Books mod, it will be part of the larger mod called Skyrim Books.


Skyrim Publishing will be updated on a monthly basis during its beginning. Realistically, I do not expect to receive enough submissions within the first couple of months to post an update every week. Hopefully, once we get enough publicity, we will receive enough stories to update the mod more than once a month.

Submission Process:

If you want to submit your work to Skyrim Publishing, then send an e-mail to us with your story. Make sure that you follow the Submission Guidelines. The contact page is linked to below:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your e-mail must contain your real name, your username/Tamrielic-pen-name, your preferred e-mail address, and the word count of your story, along with the actual tale itself. Your real name will only be kept for our records of published stories, and will not be shared with anyone.
  • Your story MUST be original, and based in the lore of the Elder Scrolls game. Any unoriginal work will be deleted, and none of your work will ever be accepted by Skyrim Publishing. 
  • Both stories and poems are accepted, but preferably should fit the style of the ones that Bethesda written. A poem about Skyrim for instance, should fit the Nordic style. Stories can be written in a more complex, modern way, but stories written in the authentic Nordic style and mode will be more likely to be accepted. To read some real-life Nordic peoms and tales, you can try to get you hands on a copy of the Sagas of Icelanders. They are very expensive to buy, but you might be able to find them at a large library or find individual volumes online.
  • Try to find a pen name to use that fits the lore of the game. The Names article on the Elder Scrolls wiki has a list of name that you can use to base your choice upon. You can also try Tamriel Rebuilt's name generator.
  • Word Limit: Stories must be under 5k words; preferably 1k-2k. If your story is longer than that, then it will need to be separated into a series. Series are not only accepted, but are preferred, because it allows us to add more books to the game, and lets players collect the volumes.
  • Preferably, your work should be submitted as a plain RTF or TXT file, formatted to the Creation Kit's style requirements. That is not required, but it is very much encouraged. Doing so will increase the chance of us wanting to use your story. To learn about the Creation Kit's formatting requirements, see this post.
  • Profanity, violence, and sexual content are allowed in your submissions. However, a gratuitous amount is not. Basically, PG-13 content is accepted, but R-rated content is not. If such content is necessary to tell the story, or to display the personality of the characters, then you may include it. But do not make it gratuitous. We have this rule mainly because, even though Skyrim is M-rated, quite a number of minors still play the game.
How to help:

There are a number of ways that you can help with Skyrim Publishing:
  • Write well and submit your work
  • Volunteer to be an editor for Skyrim Publishing (preferably with some previous experience in publishing)
  • Design and create new models and artwork for our stories
  • Tell your friends about Skyrim Publishing and suggest that they download the mod (once the first version is out)

Skyrim Publishing reserves the right to refuse to publish your writing. If we (the editors) do not believe that your story or poem is of the quality that we prefer, or that it does not follow the Submission Guidelines, then we may reject it. If we accept your writing, then we will notify you, ask you to make any changes if we believe they are necessary, and will add your story to the next version of the mod. If you do not receive any response from us within 3 weeks, or receive an e-mail in which we state that we will not publish your work, then consider your work to be rejected. A rejection does not mean, however, that we will not publish any of your writing. Feel free to submit something else. If we do choose to reject your story, then we will most likely tell you why we have chosen to do so, and suggest ways in which you could improve. If we make suggestions on how to improve a specific story, and you apply them to the best of your abilities, then feel free to submit the story again as long as you do not spam us with e-mails.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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