Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EBM Update: 25 and 28-4-12

This is very good news for the next update of EBM my friends! I've managed to contact Michael Kirkbride to ask if he would authorize the implementation of the books he wrote for previous TES games in Skryim and I just got his answer! Short and straigth to the point as usual! =D

I've also sent a message to Ted Peterson, I hope he'll answer...! (I'm so happy...!)
[update] I just got his answer and these are good news again! (I am so very happy...!) It's gonna be some work to format all those books, I've already done a good 20 of them and there are many more to go. With just the Lessons of Vivec we'll be over 50 in no time. Goodness... EBM will become the must have for book collectors...! =D

Now I can say that I have plans for the future of EBM. In a first step I'll complete the library of Mzahndarhk and give access to the unaccessible areas of the ruin.
The quest related to the place will only come later, hopefully. It is a very ambitious project with complex events that would require a lot of time and skill sets... But would promise a lot of fun and epic!

So in a second step I would rather give a try to quest design with two possible mods:

  • One that would alter the way you learn spells. Spell tomes wouldn't add a new spell, they would give you a new quest and it's only as you fulfill it that you can learn the spell, train at casting it and master it.
  • The other would be a new faction, the School of Julianos, to serve the divine by educating the masses, retrieving books for the school and for people.

But for now I'm overbooked until June the 15th, working on a small video game due by then. I really need to focus on my energy on this project so that's why I'm much less active currently.

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