Wednesday, April 4, 2012

EBM Update: 4-4-12

EBM Update:

Well, well, here are few sceenshots of the current advancement of the ruin of Mzahndahrk that will host what seems to be the largest secret library of Skyrim, and few screenshots as well of the ABCs for Barbarians, now available ingame!

As you can see I'm far from being done with the lighting among other things XD There are still minor issues to be fixed soon but it takes shape! And as you can see on the down-right screenshot of the library, there are the +235 books of the games that can fit in a library, sorted by categories and series completed. Wasn't easy to find the right angle to have them all fit in one screenshot!

Still, a moral question came to my mind. It's about the completion of original TES book series such as 2920, A Dance in Fire, the Wolf Queen etc. I don't understand why all the books weren't implemented in Skyrim, is it a mere miss or is it because Bethesda didn't want to pay royalties for all the books written by a same writer they weren't hiring any longer? I have no idea but it's true most of the missing books are those of Waughin Jarth (same irl writer thus).
Hence I'm not sure it's morally acceptable to add the books in the mod. I believe that it is okay to do it for my own enjoyment as I own legal copies of Morrowind and Oblivion which feature those texts but I fear I might be infringing publication rights by putting those texts in Skyrim and sharing the mod. On an other hand those texts are found publicly on the web, both on the UESP and the Imperial Library, and those sites weren't sued by Bethesda. Still, it might also be because they represent a massive fandom's dedication and most of all, those websites are very useful to Bethesda as well, they never hide that even them use this amazing data base to shape the new games.

One possibility I think of is to still implement the book but demand that the mod is used only by players who own a legal copy either of Morrowind or Oblivion (plus this mod is more likely to interest fans who've played those games). I won't perform checks of course but it's more to prevent myself from troubles as I want to keep as clean as possible and take this issue with great serious. I know Bethesda once sued a modder for implementing lots of content made by other modders without asking them, I would not do such a stupid thing.
I had first thought of not placing the books ingame for the public release but then it's sad and the books would still be available through the console with the Help and Player.Additem commands.

I will try to contact Bethesda about this issue to know what's their point.

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