Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Need A Dev Blog For Your Mod?

Need a development blog for your mod? Want a place to post Creation Kit tutorials or Skyrim news?

One of the original intents when and Woverdude created this blog was to open it up to the larger Skyrim modding community. Updates for upcoming mods, new project announcements, modding tutorials, general Elder Scrolls news, we'd like to see all of it. If you have want to write about any of those topics, and are dedicated to your work and writing, then please contact us and if we accept your request then we will give you posting privileges.


  • Prove to us that you are dedicated to your mod. We need to know that you will complete your mod, rather than wandering off to another project. The last thing we want is for a modder to stir up excitement about their great new mod, only to disappoint by not delivering.
  • Don't stay out of contact with us for more than 15 days. "contact" means anything from commenting on a post, to e-mail, to posting on a forum that we will see. We just need to make sure that you wont disappear.
  • Post at least one tutorial a month.
  • Be easy to work with for us and our readers. 
  • Write interesting, entertaining, and informational posts. If you need help with your writing, feel free to contact one of us and we can give you tips.
  • Your mod MUST be for Elder Scrolls related. No mod for a game outside of the ES series by Bethesda will be allowed.


  • As a poster, you will be allowed to post updates or news regarding Skyrim and Skyrim modding.
  • As a poster, you will be part of a larger community with an established reader base and other dedicated modders.
  • As a poster, if you need help with your mod, then you can write a post on the blog asking for help from other modders.
  • As a reader, you will be able to keep updated about Skyrim, as well as your favorite Skyrim mods.
  • As a modder, you can find and request detailed, informational tutorials for the Creation Kit.


We are also going to add advertisements to the website. They are going to be placed as unobtrusively as possible and will be restricted to gaming-related ads. So far we've managed to get between 200-300 views per day, which is pretty high for only being online for a month or two.

We understand that advertisements can be annoying. Please keep in mind, though, that we are spending many hours working on mods and this blog. All of those hours are unpayed. We are also both unemployed and in school. Any extra cash that we get means we can spend more hours working on mods, since we have to spend less time working or looking for a job. Though they may be a bit of a nuisance, they will allow us to run this website and build our mods.

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