Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google+ and Template Change


The Skyrim Modding Blog is now on Google+! Come take a look at our page and 'follow' us to get our latest updates.

Template Change

You may have noticed a change in the looks of our website. For some reason the Sidebar view was malfunctioning and messing up the post links. We have changed the template to the basic version for now.  We know that this look can cause lag because of the large amount of images and data that is displayed on one page, and are looking for a new template. We will either use a different default template, or create one of our own with a snazzy Skyrim background. Please have patience as we try to fix this issue.

[ update]

I've tested out some changes in the layout, I hope you'll appreciate them. I tried to keep things rather clean though it's not as minimalist as it was for the moment.
The wallpaper isn't definitive either as the image is a little noisy. I'll try to make a new clean wallpaper asap.

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