Thursday, April 12, 2012

And Bethesda's big announcement is... Kinect?

Bethesda's developers and blog have recently been hinting at big news to be revealed in April. Well, that announcement seems to have been made today. But it is probably not what most of us were thinking it would be...

Having discussed the Tweets and blog posts of Bethesda's with other Elder Scrolls fans, I know what most of us were expecting. A DLC announcement, new Game Jam content, Elder Scrolls Online, something of that sort. But Kinect? Many of us already knew that Kinect support was available or about to be because of a video on Youtube that showed Bethesda developers using Kinect to play Skyrim. But that this would be the great big April reveal, most of us did not consider.

Personally, I'm unsure about this new Kinect option. Would it really be any better than normal gameplay, or would it cause more annoyance than enjoyment? I've never used a Kinect, so I'm not sure. The Kinect could greatly improve Skyrim's gameplay, especially since it would eradicate a lot of hotkey problems. If you're a Kinect owner or player, do you think that Skyrim would play well on the it? 

What do you think?

What do you think about this announcement? Was it as exciting as you thought it would be? Would you rather that they announced a new DLC or similar content? Will you play Skyrim on the Kinect? Do you think that this was a wise use of Bethesda's time and funding?

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