Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plans for the Chi System - Help Decide!

Due to popular demand, I am planning on adding a Chi system to Way of the Monk. Below are the possible plans for the system that I am seeking input on. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to post them.

There are three types of systems that I am considering as becoming the one implemented for the the Chi powers. The Chi powers are (for the most part) going to be temporary buffs or powers, rather than magical super-attacks. I may add a few cool effects such as a Falcon Punch sort of power that throws the enemy back, but those will be high-level.

The current idea for the gaining of the powers is through achievements and quests. For Part 2 I will only include Radiant Quests, but for Part 3 I hope to add a questline. That will give me many more chances for unique rewards of items and powers. Completing these quests will open up training options from your mentor that will give you access to new Focus powers as well as perks, items, etc. Players will also receive achievements for accomplishing certain feats. Achievements will vary in nature, but will include such deeds such as finding all of the Pillars, defeating 100 Apostates, reaching level 100 in one or both of the skills, etc. When the player completes a quest or an achievement they will be able to choose new Focus powers. In your opinion, would it be better to have a specific power given for a specific quest, or let the accomplishments act like leveling and let the player choose their new reward? Also, do you think that they should be given the power immediately, or have to train/speak with their mentor, read a book, use a special crystal, or do something else special.

Now for the Focus Points: Focus Points (FP) will be required to use the Focus Powers. I plan on doing this so that the player is not overpowered and so that the powers themselves become much more valuable to the player. There would also be a cap for the FP so that they cannot have too many points. They would be able to increase that cap through various methods. I have ideas for three possible systems. Let me know which one sounds best to you. Feel free to suggest any changes to my ideas, as well as suggesting a system of your own.

System 1: The player gains FP through defeating enemies. This would be the hardest system to implement scripting-wise, but it seems like the most interesting to me. I might even be able to set it up so that the player gets more points if the enemy's level is higher. This would require a higher FP cap than the others, and Focus powers would consume a relatively high amount of FP in the expectation that they will be using that power to gain more FP soon.

System 2: The player gains FP through consuming Focus Crystals. Focus Crystals would be a retextured versions of the Soul Gems. They could also gain FP through casting certain Restoration Spells. In other words, and entirely consumable-item based system. This system may or may not use a FP cap at all, but each power would use a lot of FP.

System 3: The player only gains FP through quests and achievements. I honestly don't like this one very much, but I thought I'd give it to ya'll in case you have some ideas about it. There would be no FP cap and powers would use a relatively moderate amount of FP.

System 4-ish: The powers don't use FP at all, but use Magicka. I don't really like this one at all. For one, it would require the player to specialize in Magicka when leveling up. Also, the powers would not seem nearly as valuable, and I would have to greatly limit their effects to not overpower the player.

There would also be another dimensions: Focus Crystals. Focus Crystals (as stated above) would be retextured Soul Gems to give them some color and a sort of magical glow to differentiate them from the originals. There would be two types of Focus Crystals. There would be those that simply restore or temporarily buff the cap of your FP. These would be included in all three systems, but would be dramatically enhanced in the second one. There could also be unique equipped Focus Crystals that give you constant effect bonuses against certain types of enemies or situations. They would have their own lore and quests. Do you think that the unique Focus Crystals are a good idea?

These, overall are my ideas for the way the system will work. I haven't gotten too much into what the specific powers will be yet, since I haven't even decided the basics yet. Feel free to suggest actual effects, though.

So, comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Criticism? I value outside input, so feel free to give me your thoughts.


  1. Well, i think it's a great idea, BUT I STILL WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE IS HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM AS ME, AND IF IT'S NORMAL OR CAN BE HELPED..As i've been spamming you all the time since i got this mod: unarmed hits harded as fist weapons, cause somehow fist weapons don't count as unarmed even though it does say they should (It being Creation Kit)

    1. I apologize for the delay. I was gone nearly all of yesterday and most of Saturday. My power was also being knocked out yesterday because of storms. First off, do you have any Fortify Unarmed enchantments. I think that you said you were wearing the Robes of the Way. If so, Fortify Unarmed enchantments do not affect the fist weapons. I tried making the fist weapons rings with Fortify Unarmed enchantments back when I first made them, but I couldn't get it working. Also, if you are a Khajiit or an Argonian, they do more Unarmed damage than they do with the fist weapons.

    2. Well as i said on your Nexus page (I am that annoying Rottenbrains person, aye), i managed to fix the problem, they're still weapons, and count as unarmed, i did this by changing the dagger animation to hand to hand, but the model kind of fucked up by that (It turned with the sharp edges TOWARDS the player and on the other side of his arm.

    3. (Continuation of that as i accidently pressed publish) So maybe you know how to fix this? Or could remodel this? Please? I love this mod and i've been working on fixing it all day, but i've got no experience at all.

  2. Maybe a combination of 1 and 3? As I think about Chi and the Monk character type it only makes sense that a special power be granted upon completion of a pilgrimage to a holy site, meet a monk there and he gives you a crystal (kind of like taking communion for catholics?) For Wudang Taoists the long climb up to temples or remote locations where ancient monks meditate is also rewarding, receive a crystal for finding these old monks, initiate a series of dialog options that must be done in a certain order (answer the riddle?) to receive the crystal (a nugget of wisdom)