Thursday, May 10, 2012

Way of the Monk - Part 1 Updated!

My Way of the Monk Skyrim mod has been updated to version 1b. The 'b' does not mean that it is a beta, but that it is the updated, second version. I'm sorry for the long wait, guys. I've been pretty busy and haven't had as much time as I'd like to mod.

The full list of changes is below:

  • Fix Unarmed leveling so that the skill is only raised when you are using Monk Weapons
  • Seer Pillar now gives you the Seer power rather than the Dimensions one
  • Fixed spelling and grammatical errors in "The Pillars" book
  • Add a riddle for the Elemental Pillar
  • Changed the Magic Resistance buff for the Elemental Pillar to 10 for balancing
  • Added Progress on the Way lesser power that lets you check your stats while adventuring
  • Added Choice Upon the Way lesser power that lets you choose new perks while adventuring
  • Shadow Pillar now gives you the Shadow bonuses like it should
  • Activating the Pillar of the Way now gives you the Progress and Choice lesser powers
  • Changed Soft Resistance perks so that the Armor Rating bonus is visible in your inventory
  • Changed Evasion robes to use normal brown and yellow monk robes to add color variety
  • Changed IDs for areas with Pillars so that they can be coc'd to with the console
  • Added a one second delay to the Unarmored leveling script so that you do not level at an insane speed when hit by a concentration spell
  • Raised default attack speed for Unarmed weapon to 1.1.
  • Leveled the Burning, Freezing, and Electrical robes so that they do not all deal the same amount of damage
  • Fixed the Choice Pillar so that it now shows you the Unarmored perks when you meet the proper requirements. 
So far, I have not found a way to restrict Unarmored leveling to when you are not wearing armor. I am going to contact some people on various forums for help. Hopefully that issue should be fixed in an upcoming update or version.

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  1. Is it normal that the unarmed damage increase doesn't work on the fist weapons?..It's kind of annoying, means my Unarmed is stronger as my Iron Claws >.>...You should make the bonusses work on fist weapons too, maybe by making them into rings instead of actual weapons, and don't give the player Robes of the Way right away (I got em simply by trading the follower)