Thursday, May 17, 2012

Way of the Monk: Chi system

If you've been following my updates and plans, you might have seen some talk of a Chi system. No longer talk, it is now on my list of planned features.

Name: The system and powers will not be called "Chi" because Skyrim is not Chinese. Instead, they will be called "Focus".

How you will get them: You will be able to acquire them through a number of achievements and quests. If, for example, you completed a quest to find all of the Pillars, you would receive a power. Or, if you, got an achievement for acquiring all of the Monk perks possible, you would be given a new Focus ability.

How they will work: Now, for the most part I do not plan to create a system like the Grandmaster mod that casts spells when you attack with unarmed. I may add a few of that sort, but they will mostly be lesser powers that either give you a temporary effect. One power might, for example, temporarily make all of your Monk attacks paralyze your enemy. Another might slow time so that you can avoid or block a blow. Some of these powers will cast spell when you attack, though. A Focus ability could, for instance, cast a lightening bolt when you power attack. Whatever the effect, though, they will vary and will hopefully be unique to my mod.

How you can help: Suggest powers in the comments. Please don't overload me with a hundred suggestions, but I do want you input. After all, I can only think of a limited amount. And those that I think of will be related to how I usually play the game. So feel free to suggest new magical powers that will effect unarmed, unarmored, and fist-weapons.


  1. Notes on each suggestion at the bottom.

    Crane Stance: While in effect, regenerate Focus at an increased speed of 120% while in combat, or 200% out of combat. Attacks will be 120% more damaging while in the stance. Cannot move while in this stance.

    Focused Attack: An attack that builds up energy. At peak level, will unleash a single focused attack of 250% weapon damage, 400% if unarmed. 5 sec cast.

    Viper's Sting: Upon a successful power attack, grants additional attack speed and power for 10 seconds.

    Cat-like Reflexes: Grants the user a temporary "shield" to deflect and avoid oncoming blows. Lasts 15 seconds or until five blows have been dodged.

    (CS) Not a complete mobility removal; roots the user in place. Can turn to view other locations.
    (FA) Can break the cast and use the build-up of energy to launch that attack.
    (VS) A simple proc.
    (CR) Can only be cast once per five minutes (five-minute cooldown).

    These are all suggestions and can and should be modified by you. :)

    Some sound a bit OP, but. /shrug I thought they'd be cool.

  2. I'd think of something like the Sanctuary spell from Morrowind, that made you much harder to hit(supposedly because you dodge). I loved enchantments that had this effect back then...

    1. Thanks for your input. I'm sorry that I haven't replied to your e-mail yet. I have been utterly swamped with e-mails, comments, and real-life stuff. I haven't forgotten about it, though. :-) I'll try to reply to you tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. I've been working on unpacking boxes a lot today and we built a fire outside in addition to all of the coding that I did today, so I have no energy left at all.

  3. Hey I'm really lovin this mod dude super amazing work, 1 Thing I wanted to bring up, When you use the Pillar of the Elements it seems the effects never go away even if you choose another pillar you still have the element you picked before getting rid of it~

    1. That's a really good point. I forgot to code that.... Thanks! :-D

  4. Hi, Shawn.

    These are my suggestions:

    1. Absorb Attack: absorbs all the damage taken for 10 secs to unleash a powerful punch/kick/shout that throws nearby enemies away and causes half this damage ("fus ro da"-like with some fire explosion, maybe);

    2. Unleash Rage (high level): increases health, stamina, magicka regeneration by 50%, as well as spell and physical damage, for 20 secs. Makes nearby enemy run with fear for 40 secs (smth like "kayoken", from Dragon Ball);

    3. Combo: it would be nice to have a way to stuck enemies in an extended sequence of hits and, of course, a way to combine;

    4. Mind punch/kick (low level mage like monks): deliver blows to enemies in medium distances (1 enemy at a time);

    PS: I've just played right now, using your mod, and it was awesome! Congratulations!

  5. Makadun

    I think it will be great to have a spell that disarm an opponent.
    Probably at the moment of blocking.

  6. Hello!
    Being an Icewind Dale player, it comes naturally to me that one of the main advantages of unarmed combat and being a monk is to stun. I would absolutely love to see this more explored in your mod, preferably with damage bonuses etc to stunned targets.

    1. I could see the in-game stun effect staggering and disarming an enemy at the same time. Not as juicy as paralyzing an enemy, but still pretty dang juicy.

  7. Area attacks to affect multiple opponents, like the D&D 4th edition monk.