Thursday, May 17, 2012

Way of the Monk - Part 1.2: Update Changes

If you've been reading my comments on the Steam and Nexus pages, then you know that I've been redoing a lot of my code. Much of my code was slow, over-complicated, and bloated the savefile. Because of that, I have been spending my time studying Papyrus and rewriting my code, rather than add new features. These changes will be compiled in the next update that will be uploaded later today or tomorrow if I find more changes that need to be made. The list of changes may be edited if I make more modifications between now and the time I upload the update.


  • Levels and perk points are now displayed as whole numbers without a ton of 0's trailing after the first digit
  • Fixed and improved the leveling system and the way that it calculated perks
  • The Pillar of the Way now includes some information about the managing powers that are given to you
  • Adding an "update" function to the Pillar of Rewalking that updates your perk points to the new, improved system
  • Added the update function to the Choice power
  • Increased Burning Fists basedamage from 12 to 14
  • Burning Fists can now be smithed
  • Fire Atronach claws can now be smithed
  • Modified the Pillar of the Choice to warn the player that they should update their stats
  • Added 'Return' option to many of the menus for improved navigation
  • Fixed Burning, Freezing, and Electric robes so that they now work properly
  • Cheating with the Pillar of Rewalking now changes the speed at which you level as if you had leveled normally
  • A warning message is shown when trying to reset your perks so that you do not reset them accidentally
  • Added warnings about the 'no perk bug' to the Pillar of the Choice
  • If no perks appear when choosing a new one, but you click 'Ok' and the description for a perk appears, you will not be able to add the perk if you already have it. This is to avoid accidentally using up your perk points. The 'no perk bug' will be fixed in Part 2
  • Savefile bloat has been reduced
  • Menus should load faster
  • Simplified the scripts for the Pillars without changing the way they work
EDIT: Update has been uploaded to the Nexus! I am working on getting it uploaded to the Workshop.

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