Saturday, May 12, 2012

Updated Plans for Part 2 of Way of the Monk

A while back I wrote a post that detailed my plans for future parts. While I still plan on splitting the mod into three parts with specific plans for each one, I have changed my mind on what features I will add. Here are the features that will be added or improved in Part 2:

  • Monk follower(s)
  • Joinable Apostate and Cult of the Way factions
  • Radiant quests for both factions
  • A summonable mentor that lets you manage your stats (as a way to improve on the current stat management system)
  • Scaling options to balance my leveling system with Bethesda's (only if the SKSE team adds a certain function)
  • More Unarmored perks
  • Due to popular request, the beginnings of a Chi combat system. More will be revealed later.
The release date for Part 2 is totally unknown, since I haven't even begun it. Since I will be working on it over Summer Break, though, I should finish it in a timelier manner than I did Part 1.

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